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Since very early was motivated  towards drawing from an early age, when his ability won him 1st prize in a national drawing contest at the age of six. Although he is a private person, shy of media attention,  he has been awarded prizes in the few contests and exhibitions he has decided to participated in.

Artistic path
Although drawing is his real passion, he also enjoys photography, to write short stories and poetry, having already some poems published in several anthologies.
He also likes to compose and play music as well making videoclips of his music.
His basic stimulation towards creating a work of art, stems from the surreal and the fantastic where he utilises pencil, water colour, pen and ink, together with computer graphics to distort human features of everyday life. His work is not preoccupied with formality or style, but always seeks to be original.

- 1st. prize (Group 1) at the Gerifalto Theatre Drawing Contest (1970-1971);
- 5th. prize at a national level, in a contest promoted by the bookstore chain “Livraria Bertrand SARL” and Tintin Comics Magazine (April 1982);
- 2nd. place, at a national level, in the U2 illustration contest for the musical magazine Blitz – number 58, year II. The illustration was published in an article about the rock band U2 (10th. December 1985);
- 2nd. prize in a drawing and essay contest promoted by the Social Security Regional Centre – Coimbra. This contest was part of the commemorating programme of the National Day of Social Security (June 1988);
- 2nd. place in the 1st. Coimbra Comics Contest promoted by “Dr. Kartoon Bookstore”(original text by Pedro Araújo). The two stories entered were later published in a commemorative edition of the event. He was also responsible for the back cover, logo, graphic design and pagination of that edition, which was published in December 1999.
– others…

- Solo exhibition of Comics at the TAGV (Teatro Académico Gil Vicente 1970-1971);
- Collective exhibition at the Noble Parlour of ACIC – Commercial Association of Coimbra (1987);
- Collective exhibition at the Town Hall of Lousã (April 1988);
- Solo exhibition at the “De Sjoelbak Bar”, Coimbra (November 1988);
- Solo exhibition at the “Atelier Alambique” – Semide (December 1998).
- Collective exhibition "A Foot in The Grave" at the Icosahedron Gallery in New York (2011, April).
- other…

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